Willow Creek Dam

Willow Creek Dam is located in the central part of the state and makes a good stop regardless of where you’re traveling because it is on the way to Billings, Butte, Helena, and more. It sits just south of Interstate 90 and just off of Highway 287. Many people will be passing right by it on their way into Yellowstone National Park. It’s a fun place to check out and a very convenient stop.

Fun Facts About Willow Creek Dam

-Construction began on Willow Creek Dam in 1907 and it was completed in 1911.

-Willow Creek Dam was built by the United States Bureau of Reclamation.

-Willow Creek Dam has been modified and reinforced numerous times since it was first built.

-Willow Creek Dam is 93 feet high.

-Willow Creek Dam measures in at 650 in length.

-Water backed up behind Willow Creek Dam is known as Willow Creek Reservoir.

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