Toston Dam

Toston Dam is an important part of the local region and a great looking attraction worth stopping by and checking out if you are in the area. That area is central Montana and it is easily accessible from a number of directions. You can get there from Helena or Bozeman with ease, and Butte as well. It’s just north of Interstate 90 and in a very scenic part of the state.

Fun Facts About Toston Dam

-Toston Dam was completed in 1940.

-Toston Dam sits on the Missouri River in Broadwater County, Montana.

-Toston Dam is operated by the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation.

-Toston Dam measures in at 56 feet high.

-Toston Dam is 705 feet long.

-Toston Dam can generate 10 megawatts of power.

-Toston Dam is named after the community of Toston which sits approximately six miles away.

-Toston Dam is outfitted with inflatable flashboards at the dam’s crest making it possible to temporarily raise the level of water held back by the dam if needed.

-When it opened in 1940, Toston Dam was not a hydroelectric facility. Power production was not introduced there until the powerplant went online in 1989.

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