Tiber Dam

Located in north central Montana, south of Highway 2, is Tiber Dam. This dam is remotely located with the nearest communities being Chester, Fort Benton, and Shelby. The reservoir behind Tiber Dam is huge and a popular getaway for those who love outdoor recreation. It may take a little time to get there but it is well worth it.

Fun Facts About Tiber Dam

-Construction began on Tiber Dam in 1952 and was completed in 1956.

-Tiber Dam is owned and operated by the United States Bureau of Reclamation.

-Tiber Dam is an earthfill embankment style dam.

-Tiber Dam measures in at 211 feet high.

-Tiber Dam is 4,300 feet long.

-At its base on the bottom of the river, Tiber Dam is 2,500 feet wide. It narrows to 30 feet wide at the top of the dam.

-Tiber Dam sits on the Marias River in Liberty County.

-The water backed up behind Tiber Dam is known as Lake Elwell.

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