Swift Dam

Located in northern Montana, Swift Dam is a very cool feature in the state to see. It can be reached off of Highway 2 and Highway 89 and is southeast of Glacier National Park and northwest of Great Falls. When you go there, prepare to be impressed by the scenery and hopefully you will have brought your camera. Swift Dam is a great attraction to check out if you are going through that part of the state.

Fun Facts About Swift Dam

-Swift Dam was originally constructed in 1910.

-The height of the original Swift Dam was 157 feet.

-This first Swift Dam gave way under the pressure of rising water is 1964 during a severe rainstorm. The 30 foot tall wave of water that escaped the dam went downstream and caused the nearby Lower Two Medicine Lake Dam to fail as well.

-The new Swift Dam was completed in 1967.

-Swift Dam is a concrete arch structure.

-Swift Dam measures in at 205 feet high.

-Swift Dam is 573 feet long.

-Swift Dam is locally owned and operated by the Pondera Canal & Reservoir Company.

-The water backed up behind Swift Dam is known as Swift Reservoir.

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