Ryan Dam

Great Falls is known for a lot of things and one of those things is the river that runs through it and the water falls that gave the city its name. Built in the vicinity of those falls though is a series of historic and interesting dams. Ryan Dam is one of those and it is worth checking out in person. Each dam in Great Falls has a unique look to it and Ryan Dam is no exception. It is a very nice addition to the list of things to see there.

Fun Facts About Ryan Dam

-Ryan Dam was constructed in 1915.

-Ryan Dam is located on the Missouri River in Cascade County.

-Ryan Dam is 61 feet high.

-Ryan Dam measures in at 1,336 feet high.

-Ryan Dam is home to six power producing generators.

-Ryan Dam has a electricity generating capacity of 60 megawatts.

-Ryan Dam was constructed on top of a 10 foot waterfall that was observed and noted by Lewis and Clark during their expedition’s trip to the Pacific Ocean.

-Immediately upstream from Ryan Dam is Cochrane Dam. Immediately downstream is Morony Dam.

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