Rainbow Dam

Rainbow Dam is another of the many dams in the Great Falls area and it really adds to the look of the city. It is just on the northwestern outskirts of Great Falls and very easily accessed. If you’re in Great Falls for any reason, get out and check out the local dams, including of course Rainbow Dam.

Fun Facts About Rainbow Dam

-Rainbow Dam opened for use in 1910.

-Rainbow Dam is owned and operated by PPL, Inc.

-Rainbow Dam is located in Cascade County.

-Rainbow Dam sits on the Missouri River, just six miles from Great Falls.

-Rainbow Dam is named for Rainbow Falls, a 45 foot high waterfall that sits just downstream from the dam.

-Rainbow Dam measures in at 29 feet high.

-Rainbow Dam is 1,055 feet long.

-Rainbow Dam is home to eight power producing generators.

-The powerplant at Rainbow Dam is capable of producing 36 megawatts.

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