Noxon Rapids Dam

Noxon Rapids Dam is located in northwest Montana, in a very scenic part of the state. That’s really saying something too because Montana is full of spectacular scenery. You can get there via Highway 200 and it is very close to the border with Idaho. If you’re traveling through the area, a stop there and at the reservoir behind it is a very good idea.

Fun Facts About Noxon Rapids Dam

-Noxon Rapids Dam opened for use in 1960.

-Noxon Rapids Dam is located in Sanders County, Montana.

-Noxon Rapids Dam is owned and operated by Avista Corp.

-Noxom Rapids Dam sits on the Clark Fork River and the water it backs up is known as Noxon Reservoir.

-Noxon Rapids Dam is a total of 179 feet high.

-Noxon Rapids Dam measures in at 5,840 feet long.

-Noxon Rapids Dam is an earthfill gravity type dam.

-Noxon Rapids Dam has an energy producing capacity of 466 megawatts.

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