Morony Dam

Located northwest of Great Falls, Morony Dam is another very cool part of the city’s surroundings. It sits on a scenic part of the river and is surrounded by spectacular landscape. There is also plenty of great park land in the area around the dam too. This is a fun spot for anyone visiting Great Falls.

Fun Facts About Morony Dam

-Morony Dam opened for use in 1930. Construction had started on the dam in 1928.

-Morony Dam is owned by PPL, Inc.

-Morony Dam sits on the Missouri River and is located in Cascade County, Montana.

-Morony Dam is 94 feet high.

-Morony Dam is 833 feet in length.

-Morony Dam is a concrete gravity dam.

-Morony Dam is named after John G. Morony who was a banker and director of the Montana Power Company who had commissioned the building of the dam.

-Morony Dam features ten spillway gates.

-Morony Dam is home to two power producing generators.

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