Lake Sherburne Dam

Located in northern Montana, Lake Sherburne Dam can be a little difficult to reach for most travelers. If you make it there though you will have passed through or near some of the most beautiful area in the West. Lake Sherburne Dam and its reservoir sit on the eastern borders of Glacier National Park. Visiting there can be a real treat.

Fun Facts About Lake Sherburne Dam

-Construction started on Lake Sherburne Dam in 1914 and it was finished in 1921.

-Lake Sherburne Dam is owned and operated by the United States Bureau of Reclamation.

-Lake Sherburne Dam is an earthfill embankment style dam.

-Lake Sherburne Dam sits on Swiftcurrent Creek.

-In 1960, Lake Sherburne Dam was modified and its height was extended 20 feet.

-Lake Sherburne Dam is 116.5 feet high.

-Lake Sherburne Dam measures in at 1,224 feet long.

-At its base at the bottom of the creek, Lake Sherburne Dam is 460 feet wide. It rises from there and tapers to a width of 24 feet at the top.

-The water backed up by Lake Sherburne Dam is known as Lake Sherburne.

-Lake Sherburne Dam sits just outside the boundary of Glacier National Park.

-Lake Sherburne, which is backed up by the Lake Sherburne Dam, extends inside Glacier National Park.

-Water that flows through the Lake Sherburne Dam ends up flowing over 200 miles through Canada before it returns to the United States.

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