Kerr Dam

Kerr Dam is another of the historic dams located in Montana and it definitely has that look to it too. It is surrounded by beautiful scenery, has a well placed scenic vista, and is very popular with photographers, professional and amateur alike. The dam is located west of Highway 93 and the small town of Polson. If you’re driving through the area and are a fan of dams, it is well worth the stop.

Fun Facts About Kerr Dam

-Kerr Dam saw construction begin in 1930 and be completed in 1938.

-Due to a shortage of funds related to the Great Depression, construction had halted on Kerr Dam in 1931 and would not resume until 1936.

-Kerr Dam is located in Lake County, Montana.

-Kerr Dam is located on the Flathead Indian Reservation.

-Kerr Dam’s ownership is divided between PPL, Inc and the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes.

-Kerr Dam sits on the Flathead River and the water it backs up increases the size of the already present and naturally occurring Flathead Lake.

-The presence of Kerr Dam raised the water level of Flathead Lake by 10 feet.

-Kerr Dam is 205 feet tall.

-Kerr Dam measures in at 541 feet long.

-Kerr Dam is home to three power producing turbine generators.

-Kerr Dam’s powerhouse has a production capacity of 196 megawatts.

-Kerr Dam is a concrete arch style dam.

-Kerr Dam is named after Frank Kerr who was president of the Montana Power Company at the time the dam was completed.

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