Holter Dam

Located north of the capital city of Helena, Holter Dam is a very cool looking little dam that plays a big role in the region. The dam is reachable just off of Interstate 15 so anyone taking that popular route between Montana and Canada can stop there very conveniently. The dam and the reservoir behind it offer plenty of opportunities for photo taking, wildlife viewing, and water recreation. This is a very nice little dam that is well worth checking out if you are in the area.

Fun Facts About Holter Dam

-Construction began on Holter Dam in 1908 and the dam was completed in 1918.

-Holter Dam is owned by PPL, Inc.

-Holter Dam sits on the Missouri River about 45 miles northeast of Helena, Montana.

-Holter Dam is 124 feet high.

-Holter Dam measures in at 1,364 feet long.

-The water backed up behind Holter Dam is known as Holter Lake.

-Holter Lake stretches from behind the dam 25 miles upstream.

-Holter Dam has a energy producing capacity of 50 megawatts.

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