Hebgen Dam

Hebgen Dam is located in southern Montana and it and the area surrounding it are truly something to see. Hebgen Dam is accessible from Highway 287, and very near highways 191, 20, and 89, which all converge in the area leading into and out of nearby Yellowstone National Park. If you are in the area, Hebgen Dam and its reservoir are a very worthwhile stop.

Fun Facts About Hebgen Dam

-Hebgen Dam was opened in 1914.

-Hebgen Dam is a concrete core earthen embankment dam.

-Hebgen Dam is located in Gallatin County, Montana.

-Hebgen Dam sits on the Madison River and the water impounded behind it is known as Hebgen Lake.

-Hebgen Dam measures in at 85 feet high.

-Hebgen Dam is 721 feet long.

-Hebgen Dam is owned and operated by PPL, Inc.

-Hebgen Dam was damaged in the 1959 Yellowstone Earthquake. This earthquake registered as a 7.3 on the Richter scale and killed 28 people.

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