Hauser Dam

Hauser Dam is located on the western border of the Helena National Forest and is a true asset to the area. This little dam is very cool to look at and there are a lot of opportunities for outdoor recreation in front of it, behind it, and around it really. The state capital of Helena is not too far away to the southwest and if you visit there, a quick trip out to the Hauser Dam is worthwhile and very easy too.

Fun Facts About Hauser Dam

-Hauser Dam was constructed from 1905 to 1907.

-The Hauser Dam was built by the Missouri River Power Company, owned by Samuel Thomas Hauser, a former territorial governor of what would become the state of Montana.

-Hauser Dam was a steel dam built on masonry footings.

-The original dam failed during the very first spring high water flow it encountered in 1908. Water pressure had undermined the masonry footings and left the steel structure intact.

-One of the many evacuees warned to flee their land prior to flood waters sweeping through the area was future actor Gary Cooper who lived along the banks of the river with his family.

-A second Hauser Dam was constructed from 1908 to 1911.

-Hauser Dam measures in at 80 feet high.

-Hauser Dam is 700 feet long.

-The water backed up by Hauser Dam on the Missouri River forms Hauser Lake.

-Hauser Lake stretches for 25 miles in length.

-Hauser Dam can generate 19 megawatts of power.

-Hauser Dam is owned by PPL, Inc. It was included in the dams sold to the company by Montana Power in 1999.

-Hauser Dam is located in Lewis and Clark County.

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