Gibson Dam

Located high in the Rocky Mountains, Gibson Dam is somewhat hard to get too, but at the same time very impressive to see. This is a historic dam and there are several great spots below it where wonderful photo opportunities reside. When you visit Gibson Dam you will be surrounded by natural beauty. This is a real treat for the dam enthusiast.

Fun Facts About Gibson Dam

-Gibson Dam saw construction begin in 1926 and be completed in 1929.

-Gibson Dam was built by the United States Bureau of Reclamation.

-Gibson Dam is a concrete arch structure.

-Gibson Dam measures in at 199 feet tall.

-Gibson Dam is 960 feet long.

-Gibson Dam is 115 feet wide at its base on the bottom of the river. It is just 15 feet wide at the top.

-Gibson Dam stretches across the Sun River and touches both Lewis and Clark County as well as Teton County.

-The water backed up behind Gibson Dam forms Gibson Reservoir.

-Gibson Dam was built with two penstock pipelines for hydroelectric production. It was later decided that the water level of the reservoir was not enough to justify power production and the penstocks were sealed.

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