Fresno Dam

Located in northern Montana, near the community of Havre, is Fresno Dam. This little dam has a unique look to it and can be easily accessed by anyone traveling across the state east to west on Highway 2 or from Montana to Canada on Highway 232. There is some very good outdoor recreation found in and along the water backed up by Fresno Dam. The dam itself is somewhat photogenic too though and a great subject for the aspiring photographer.

Fun Facts About Fresno Dam

-Construction began on Fresno Dam in 1937 and it was completed in 1939.

-Fresno Dam is located in Hill County, Montana.

-Fresno Dam is an earthfill type of dam.

-Fresno Dam saw its height raised and structure updated in both 1943 and 1951.

-Fresno Dam measures in with a height of 110 feet.

-Fresno Dam has a length of 2,070 feet.

-At its base, Fresno Dam is 726 feet wide. It is 22 feet wide at the top.

-Fresno Dam sits on the Milk River.

-The water backed up behind Fresno Dam forms the Fresno Reservoir.

-Fresno Dam is owned by the United States Bureau of Reclamation.

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