Fort Peck Dam

Fort Peck Dam is located in northeastern Montana and is extremely important to the local region. This is an amazing dam structure and visiting it is something every enthusiast of dams should do. The water backed up behind it seems to go on forever and there is plenty to do and see there too. The dam is somewhat remotely located but can be reached easiest off of Highway 2.

Fun Facts About Fort Peck Dam

-Construction began on Fort Peck Dam in 1933 and it was finished in 1940.

-Fort Peck Dam came in with a total construction cost of approximately $100 million.

-Fort Peck Dam is a hydraulic earthfill type of dam.

-Fort Peck Dam was built by the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

-Fort Peck Dam measures in at 250 feet tall.

-The length of Fort Peck Dam is 21,026 feet.

-At its base on the bottom of the Missouri River, Fort Peck Dam is 3,500 feet wide. It narrows up to 50 feet wide at the top of the dam.

-Fort Peck Dam has eight spillway gates.

-The water backed up behind Fort Peck Dam is known as Fort Peck Lake.

-Fort Peck Lake stretches more than 130 miles in length.

-Fort Peck Lake’s shoreline measures in at 1,520 miles long. This is longer than the coastline of the state of California.

-Fort Peck Lake is the fifth largest man made lake in the entire United States.

-Fort Peck Dam comes with a powerhouse that is equipped with five turbine generators.

-The powerhouse at Fort Peck Dam is capable of producing 185 megawatts.

-1986 saw Fort Peck Dam added to the National Register of Historic Places.

-Fort Peck Dam is the highest dam on the Missouri River.

-Fort Peck Dam is the largest hydraulically filled dam in the entire United States.

-At its peak in 1936, the Fort Peck Dam project employed over 10,500 workers.

-During construction on September 22, 1938, a slide on the embankment of the dam took the lives of eight workers.

-Fort Peck Dam plays a large role in the 1996 novel Bucking the Sun by Montana born writer Ivan Doig.

-Fort Peck Dam was featured on a United State postage stamp as part of the “Celebrate the Century” series.

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