Cooney Dam

Located southwest of Billings, Cooney Dam may be small but it is an important feature to the region. The water backed up behind it is home to a great deal of outdoor recreation. In fact, the water is almost completely surrounded by state park land. You can get there very easily and there is plenty to do there and in the vicinity as well.

Fun Facts About Cooney Dam

-Cooney Dam was built in 1937 by the State of Montana.

-Cooney Dam is located in Carbon County.

-Cooney Dam is 97 feet high.

-Cooney Dam measures in with a length of 2,260 feet.

-Cooney Dam sits on Red Lodge Creek and is mainly used for irrigation and water storage.

-The water backed up by Cooney Dam is known as Cooney Reservoir.

-Adjacent to the dam and reservoir is Cooney State Park.

-Cooney Dam is operated by the Montana Department of Natural Resources.

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