Cochrane Dam

Cochrane Dam is another of the dams right in the vicinity of Great Falls, and it is an important part of the local region too. Cochrane Dam sits northeast of the city and has some very interesting characteristics to it, as well as to the surrounding natural scenery too. If you visit Great Falls, be prepared to get out and check out the dams there. Make sure to include Cochrane Dam in that list of things to see too.

Fun Facts About Cochrane Dam

-Cochrane Dam opened for operation in 1958.

-Cochrane Dam is located in Cascade County.

-Cochrane Dam is owned by PPL, Inc.

-Cochrane Dam is a concrete gravity dam.

-Cochrane Dam sits on the Missouri River and the water impounded by it is known as Cochrane Lake.

-Cochrane Dam features one spillway gate.

-Cochrane Dam is 59 feet high.

-Cochrane Dam is 753 feet long.

-The powerplant at Cochrane Dam features two turbine generators.

-The Cochrane Dam powerplant has a power producing capacity of 64 megawatts.

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