Clark Canyon Dam

Located just off of Interstate 15, a main route between Butte, Montana and Idaho Falls, Idaho, Clark Canyon Dam is really something nice to see. You can pretty much take it and its reservoir in almost completely, right from the comfort of your own vehicle as you drive on by. The road hugs the water so it gives you a long time to take in the view. Clark Canyon Dam is important to the local region and it really adds to the surroundings there.

Fun Facts About Clark Canyon Dam

-Construction began on Clark Canyon Dam in 1961 and it was completed in 1964.

-Clark Canyon Dam is an earthfill dam.

-Clark Canyon Dam measures in at 147 and a half feet tall.

-Clark Canyon Dam is 2,950 feet long.

-Clark Canyon Dam is located in Beaverhead County, Montana.

-The water backed up behind Clark Canyon Dam on the Beaverhead River is known as the Clark Canyon Reservoir.

-The water that filled up behind Clark Canyon Dam not only covered part of a highway and a railroad section that had to be relocated, but also inundated the former site of the small town of Armstead and Camp Fortunate, which was the name of the historical site where the Lewis and Clark Expedition camped in 1805.

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