Canyon Ferry Dam

Located east of the capital city of Helena, Montana, Canyon Ferry Dam is something you must see if you visit the area. The reservoir backed up behind it has plenty of outdoor recreational uses and it sitting right outside Helena National Forest really adds to the scenery. If you visit this area, make sure to check out Canyon Ferry Dam.

Fun Facts About Canyon Ferry Dam

-Construction began on Canyon Ferry Dam in 1949 and it was finished in 1954.

-This new dam replaced a smaller timber and rock crib dam that had been built at this site in the late 1890s.

-Canyon Ferry Dam is owned by the United States Bureau of Reclamation.

-Canyon Ferry Dam is located in Lewis and Clark County where it spans the Missouri River.

-Canyon Ferry Dam is a concrete gravity dam.

-There were over 414,000 cubic yards of concrete used in the construction of Canyon Ferry Dam.

-Canyon Ferry Dam is 225 feet high.

-Canyon Ferry Dam measures in at 1,000 feet long.

-At its base at the bottom of the river, Canyon Ferry Dam is 173 feet wide. It is 20 feet wide at the top.

-Canyon Ferry Dam has four spillway gates.

-The water backed up behind Canyon Ferry Dam is known as Canyon Ferry Lake.

-The powerhouse at Canyon Ferry Dam is home to three turbine generators.

-The Canyon Ferry Dam powerhouse can produce up to 50 megawatts of power.

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