Black Eagle Dam

If you are visiting Great Falls, then a visit to Black Eagle Dam is in order. It won’t take you long to get there either as it is located right on the north end of town. There are a lot of recreational opportunities on this stretch of river and plenty of park space associated with the dam. This is definitely something to see on a visit to this great Montana city.

Fun Facts About Black Eagle Dam

-The first Black Eagle Dam was built in 1890.

-The original Black Eagle Dam was a timber and rock crib dam.

-The original Black Eagle Dam was the first hydroelectric dam built in the state of Montana.

-Construction on a replacement for the original Black Eagle Dam began in 1926 and was completed in 1927.

-The owner of Black Eagle Dam is PPL, inc, an energy company headquartered in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

-Black Eagle Dam sits on the Missouri River in Great Falls, Montana.

-Black Eagle Dam is 34.5 feet high.

-Black Eagle Dam is 782 feet long.

-Black Eagle Dam is a gravity weir style of structure.

-The second Black Eagle Dam was built just downstream of the first. The original dam was not removed and still sits where it was built, submerged now beneath the water of the reservoir.

-The powerhouse at Black Eagle Dam contains three turbine generators.

-The Black Eagle Dam powerhouse is capable of producing 18 megawatts.

-The water backed up behind Black Eagle Dam has no official name but is referred to by many as the Long Pool.

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