Swan Falls Dam

Swan Falls Dam sits just south of Boise and it is easily reached by anyone visiting or living there. The dam sits in an important protected nature area and because of this it is very popular with those who know of it. The dam has a cool look to it and makes for good photo taking. The water behind it is beautiful and surrounded by nice landscape too. If you are spending any time in Boise, a run out to Swan Falls Dam is a very worthwhile thing you should add to your schedule.

Fun Facts About Swan Falls Dam

-Swan Falls Dam was built in 1901.

-Swan Falls Dam is a concrete gravity style dam.

-Swan Falls Dam spans the Snake River and touches both Ada County and Owyhee County.

-Swan Falls Dam is the oldest hydroelectric dam on the Snake River.

-The powerplant at Swan Falls Dam was replaced in the early 1990s.

-The Swan Falls Dam and its powerplant are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

-Swan Falls Dam is operated by the Idaho Power Company.

-Swan Falls Dam measures in at 107 feet high.

-Swan Falls Dam is 1,150 feet long.

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