Soda Dam

Soda Dam, and the water backed up behind it, are popular destinations for locals in eastern Idaho. The dam sits southeast of Pocatello on Highway 30 and is easily combined with other local attractions for an interesting day trip. Soda Dam is important to the local region and you will be surprised with what you find there.

Fun Facts About Soda Dam

-Soda Dam was constructed in 1925.

-Soda Dam is located in Caribou County.

-Soda Dam is also known to many as Alexander Dam.

-Soda Dam was reconstructed in 1991 when it was raised to its current height of 94 feet.

-Soda Dam is 492 feet long.

-Soda Dam sits across Bear River and the water backed up behind it is known as Alexander Reservoir.

-The powerplant at Soda Dam is owned and operated by PacifiCorp.

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