Salmon Falls Dam

For obvious reasons, Jackpot, Nevada is a popular destination for a day or a weekend for anyone visiting or living in the Twin Falls area. If you are taking Highway 93 down to Jackpot, consider taking some time to stop off at Salmon Falls Dam and the water backed up behind it. This is like an oasis in the desert and has a very interesting look to it. Fans of dams will be happy they brought their camera along.

Fun Facts About Salmon Falls Dam

-Salmon Falls Dam was built in 1910.

-Salmon Falls Dam is built on Salmon Falls Creek.

-The water backed up behind Salmon Falls Dam is known as Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir.

-Salmon Falls Dam is located in Twin Falls County.

-Salmon Falls Dam is a masonry arch gravity dam.

-Salmon Falls Dam is 217 feet high.

-Salmon Falls Dam is 450 feet long.

-When it is full, the Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir extends upstream for 17 miles.

-The Salmon Falls Dam is owned and operated by the Salmon River Canal Company.

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