Moyie Dam

Located just east of Bonners Ferry and high up in the Idaho Panhandle is Moyie Dam. This little dam is very important to the region around it and is surrounded by some great natural beauty. The thick forests that lead eastward into high mountains add to the beauty and it is easy to see why so many people have chose to retire there or build seasonal homes. A visit to Bonners Ferry and the surrounding area is a great idea. If you go, make sure to include Moyie Dam and the area that surrounds it as well.

Fun Facts About Moyie Dam

-Moyie Dam was built in 1950.

-Moyie Dam is a concrete gravity dam.

-Moyie Dam measures in at 92 feet high.

-Moyie Dam is owned and operated by the city of Bonners Ferry.

-Moyie Dam is located in Boundary County.

-Bonners Ferry owns three powerhouses that were built just 1,000 feet downstream of the dam, the first in 1921, the second in 1941, and the third in 1982.

-The combined output of the three Moyie Dam powerhouses is four megawatts.

-Bonners Ferry’s hydroelectric program runs at a profit most years with excess funds returned to the city’s general fund.

-The water backed up behind the Moyie Dam covers about 34 surface acres and has no official name.

-Five miles upstream from the Moyie Dam sits the ruins of the Old Eileen Dam which had been built in 1923. This dam did not structurally fail but during a 1925 flood it was topped and the left embankment was washed out, leaving the dam structure intact. It is a popular local curiosity site now and very popular with white water rafters.

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