Lucky Peak Dam

Lucky Peak Dam is located southeast of Boise in an easily accessible and beautiful part of the state. The reservoir behind it backs up into Boise National Forest and you can reach it fairly easily on Highway 21. There are a lot of outdoor recreation possibilities there and it can be a fun getaway from the city of Boise.

Fun Facts About Lucky Peak Dam

-Lucky Peak Dam got its start in 1949 and construction was completed in 1955.

-The cost of constructing Lucky Peak Dam was $19 million.

-Lucky Peak Dam is owned and operated by the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

-Lucky Peak Dam is an earthfill embankment style dam.

-Lucky Peak Dam sits on the Boise River in Ada County, Idaho.

-Lucky Peak Dam measures in at 340 feet high.

-Lucky Peak Dam is 2,340 feet in length.

-In 1988, well over 30 years after its original construction was complete, a power station was added to Lucky Peak Dam.

-The powerplant at Lucky Peak Dam is equipped with three power producing generators.

-The power generated at Lucky Peak Dam is used mainly by Seattle City Light.

-The water backed up behind Lucky Peak Dam is known as Lucky Peak Lake.

-Lucky Peak State Park sits adjacent to Lucky Peak Dam.

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