Dworshak Dam

Located just off of Highway 12 in the beginning of the panhandle of Idaho is Dworshak Dam. This can be a very fun area of the state and is an area not too many people get to see. It is a nice alternate route to get from Washington to Montana or back and takes you through some interesting scenery. If you go through the area, take the time to see the dam and the great reservoir that it builds behind it.

Fun Facts About Dworshak Dam

-Dworshak Dam opened in 1973 after construction on the project had began in 1966.

-Dworshak Dam was built at a cost of $327 million.

-Dworshak Dam is owned and operated by the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

-Dworshak Dam has two spillway gates.

-Dworshak Dam is located on the north fork of the Clearwater River.

-Dworshak Dam is 717 feet tall.

-Dworshak Dam measures in at 3,287 feet long.

-Dworshak Dam is 44 feet in width at its top.

-Dworshak Dam is located in Clearwater County.

-The water backed up behind Dworshak Dam is known as Dworshak Reservoir.

-Dworshak Dam is home to three power producing turbine generators.

-Dworshak Dam was built with the capability for having six generators but only three were ever put into use.

-Dworshak Dam is a concrete gravity style dam.

-Dworshak Dam is the third tallest dam in the entire United States.

-1.9 miles below the Dworshak Dam, the Clearwater River flows into the Snake River.

-The Dworshak Dam is named after Henry Dworshak, a United States Senator who was a driving force behind congress approving of the project.

-The reservoir behind Dworshak Dam reached full capacity for the first time on July 3, 1973.

-There is a fish hatchery operating adjacent to the Dworshak Dam. This was built because the Dworshak Dam itself was too high for there to be a feasible fish ladder system to be put in place.

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