Deadwood Dam

Located northeast from the city of Boise, surrounded by gorgeous scenery, is the small but impressive Deadwood Dam. Getting to this dam and the water backed up behind can take a little effort as it is somewhat remotely located. The forests and mountains that surround it though are the made source of the beauty but the water is close behind. You can’t go wrong with a visit to Deadwood Dam and if you go you will definitely want to bring your camera.

Fun Facts About Deadwood Dam

-Deadwood Dam was officially approved in 1928, construction on it began in 1929, and it was finished in 1931.

-Deadwood Dam is located in Valley County, Idaho.

-Deadwood Dam is a concrete arch style dam.

-Deadwood Dam is located within the Boise National Forest.

-Deadwood Dam is located on the Deadwood River.

-Deadwood Dam is 165 feet high.

-Deadwood Dam is 749 feet in length.

-Deadwood Dam is 62 feet wide at its base below the water. It is nine feet wide at the top.

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