Cascade Dam

Head north out of Boise on Highway 55 and you’ll be treated to some excellent views of the Boise National Forest. You’re also on your was to Cascade Dam and the gorgeous scenery of central Idaho. Cascade Dam has a cool look to it and dam enthusiasts will find a lot to enjoy. It’s very photogenic too. Its main attribute though is the beautiful, and huge, reservoir that forms behind it. There is so much beauty and outdoor recreation possible there that it’ll be hard to road trip right on by it. You’ll definitely want to stay and that’s perfectly understandable too.

Fun Facts About Cascade Dam

-Construction began on Cascade Dam in 1942 but was delayed by World War II. The project restarted in 1946 and the dam began operation in 1948.

-Cascade Dam is owned and operated by the United States Bureau of Reclamation.

-Cascade Dam is an earthfill structure.

-Cascade Dam is located within Valley County.

-Cascade Dam sits on the north fork of the Payette River.

-The water backed up behind Cascade Dam is known as Lake Cascade.

-Cascade Dam is 107 feet high.

-Cascade Dam is 785 feet long.

-Cascade Dam is located within the Boise National Forest.

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