Cabinet Gorge Dam

Cabinet Gorge Dam can be reached just off of Highway 200 in a very beautiful section of Idaho. It is located in the panhandle of the state, just east of the Lake Pend Oreille area. If it were located just a few more miles upstream on its river, we would have had to have included it in our Montana dams section. Visiting this part of Idaho is a real treat and places like Cabinet Gorge Dam help a lot in making it that way.

Fun Facts About Cabinet Gorge Dam

-Construction began on Cabinet Gorge Dam in 1951 and it was finished in 1953.

-Cabinet Gorge Dam is located within Bonner County.

-Cabinet Gorge Dam cost $47 million to build.

-Cabinet Gorge Dam is owned and operated by the Avista power company.

-The water backed up behind Cabinet Gorge Dam is known as Cabinet Gorge Reservoir.

-Cabinet Gorge Dam is home to four power producing turbine generators.

-Cabinet Gorge Dam is a concrete gravity arch dam.

-Cabinet Gorge Reservoir extends across the border and into the state of Montana.

-32 tons of dynamite was used during the construction of Cabinet Gorge Dam.

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