C.J. Strike Dam

Located southwest of Mountain Home in the central part of Idaho, C.J. Strike Dam is an important part of the region both economically as well as on a nature and recreation level. The reservoir built up behind it is very popular with outdoor enthusiasts. If you travel through the area, and you will if you are heading to or from the Boise or Twin Falls area, take some time to check out the C.J. Strike Dam area.

Fun Facts About

-Construction began on C.J. Strike Dam in 1950 and was finished in 1952.

-It took just 19 months to fully construct C.J. Strike Dam.

-C.J. Strike Dam is operated by the Idaho Power Company.

-C.J. Strike Dam spans the Snake River and touches both Elmore and Owyhee County in Idaho.

-The water impounded by C.J. Strike Dam on the Snake River is referred to as C.J. Strike Reservoir.

-The water backed up by C.J. Strike Dam extends 36 miles up the Snake River and also 12 miles up the Bruneau River.

-C.J. Strike Dam is a earthfill dam.

-C.J. Strike Dam is home to three power producing turbine generators.

-The powerplant at C.J. Striker Dam can generate 82.8 megawatts.

-The C.J. Strike Dam is named after Clifford J. Strike who was the president of the Idaho Power Company from 1938 to 1948.

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