Bliss Dam

Bliss Dam is located near the town that shares its name in Idaho and right on the Snake River. You can reach the dam with a quick drive off of Interstate 84, just east of Mountain Home and west of Twin Falls. This is a fun part of Idaho to visit with a lot of attractions in the area, including Craters of the Moon National Monument. Idaho can be a nice destination and a visit to sites like this can be a big part of the fun.

Fun Facts About Bliss Dam

-Construction started on Bliss Dam in 1948 and it was completed in 1950.

-Bliss Dam is operated by the Idaho Power Company.

-Bliss Dam has a height of 70 feet.

-Bliss Dam is 615 feet in length.

-Bliss Dam is a concrete gravity type dam.

-Bliss Dam spans the Snake River and touches both Elmore County and Gooding County.

-Bliss Dam has four spillway gates.

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