Barber Dam

Located on the eastern outskirts of the city of Boise, Barber Dam is a popular historic attraction in the area. It also is an important feature of the region too. It has a unique look to it and is popular with photographers. When you visit Boise, which everyone should do, you should really pay at least a quick visit to Barber Dam.

Fun Facts About Barber Dam

-Barber Dam was built between 1904 and 1906.

-The original builder of Barber Dam was the Barber Lumber Company.

-Barber Dam is a timber crib dam.

-Barber Dam sits on the Boise River.

-The main purpose of Barber Dam at the time it was built was to function as the containment for a mill pond.

-When it was constructed, Barber Dam came complete with its own small powerplant.

-Barber Dam gets its name from Barberton, a small community established in 1910 located at the site where the dam was built. This was a company town owned by the lumber company.

-1977 saw Barber Dam purchased by Ada County.

-The powerhouse at Barber Dam is home to two power producing turbine generators.

-In 1978, Barber Dam, its powerhouse, and the adjacent lumber mill were added to the National Register of Historic Places.

-The Barber Mill which Barber Dam had been built for was dismantled in 1934.

-Barber Dam is 26 feet high.

-Barber Dam is operated by Enel Green Power.

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