Arrowrock Dam

Arrowrock Dam is located in western Idaho, just east of Boise. You can reach it just off of Highway 21 and it is a sort of gateway into that part of the scenic Boise National Forest. There are a ton of outdoor recreation possibilities for you to take advantage of if you visit the area around Arrowrock Dam. You’ll also want to at least check out the dam too when you go there.

Fun Facts About Arrowrock Dam

-Construction began on Arrowrock Dam in 1911 and was completed in 1915.

-Arrowrock Dam is owned and operated by the United States Bureau of Reclamation.

-The main purpose of Arrowrock Dam when it was built was for irrigation.

-Arrowrock Dam is a concrete arch dam.

-Arrowrock Dam sits on the Boise River.

-Arrowrock Dam stretches across the Boise River and touches both Boise County and Elmore County.

-Arrowrock Dam is 350 feet tall.

-Arrowrock Dam measures in at 1,150 feet in length.

-The water backed up on the Boise River behind Arrowrock Dam is known as Arrowrock Reservoir.

-The next dam downstream from Arrowrock Dam is Lucky Peak Dam. The dam immediately upstream of it is Anderson Ranch Dam.

-To build Arrowrock Dam, the United States Bureau of Reclamation built a railroad line of nearly 30 miles in length just for transporting workers, supplies, and building materials.

-To provide power for the job site for the building of the Arrowrock Dam, the Boise River Diversion Dam downstream was retrofitted with a small powerplant.

-At the time of its completion, Arrowrock Dam was the tallest concrete dam in the world. It held that record for nine years.

-Arrowrock Dam is 225 feet wide at its base below the water. It is 15 feet wide at the top.

-Arrowrock Dam had a 15 megawatt powerplant added to it in 2010, 99 years after construction was started on it.

-Arrowrock Dam contains over 585,000 cubic yards of concrete.

-Arrowrock Dam was extensively updated and modified from 1935 to 1937.

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