Anderson Ranch Dam

Located just southeast of the capital city of Boise, Anderson Ranch Dam is right in the middle of one of the more beautiful areas of Idaho. Interstate 84 runs nearby and the dam can be reached off of Highway 20. The dam and the reservoir behind it are in prime forest land and there is all kinds of outdoor recreation available. Nearby communities include Boise, Ketchum, Twin Falls, and Mountain Home. Craters of the Moon National Monument is also nearby, as well as the Sawtooth National Forest. This is a very cool area to visit.

Fun Facts About Anderson Ranch Dam

-Construction began on Anderson Ranch Dam in 1941 and it was finished in 1950.

-Much of the delay in the building of Anderson Ranch Dam was due to material and labor shortages during World War II.

-The United States Bureau of Reclamation operates Anderson Ranch Dam.

-Anderson Ranch Dam sits on the southern fork of the Boise River.

-Anderson Ranch Dam is 456 feet high.

-Anderson Ranch Dam is 1,350 feet long.

-Water backed up behind Anderson Ranch Dam is known as Anderson Ranch Reservoir.

-Water travels from Anderson Dam Reservoir through the dam and into the reservoir behind the next dam down the river which is the Arrowrock Dam.

-Anderson Ranch Dam is home to two power producing turbine generators.

-The powerhouse at Anderson Ranch Dam has a power producing capacity of 40 megawatts.

-Some of the labor performed during the building of Anderson Ranch Dam was done by Japanese American internees of the Minidoka War Relocation Center that was located nearby during World War II.

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